Genetically-contaminated food gets the green signal.

I just received this extremely saddening and disastrous information

First the bad news. Despite your best efforts, the GEAC (Genetic Engineering Approval Committee) has lived up to its name and approved India’s first genetically-adulterated food crop.

The good news is that the final decision to allow Bt Brinjal into the market is yet to be made. So there’s still some time – and one last chance – for us to stop the contamination of our nation’s fragile food supply.

Now, here’s the really freaky part. Not everyone on the GEAC agreed with the decision to approve Bt Brinjal. One of them has said “It’s a disaster. It’s unethical. No time was given to us as members to review the findings. Why was it rushed? …Commercialization must be stopped.”

But it gets worse. At least three of the GEAC “experts” that approved Bt Brinjal were involved in developing and testing of Bt Brinjal. And just who owns Bt Brinjal? Monsanto-Mahyco.
So there you have it. You build a genetic Weapon of Mass Destruction. Then put your own people on the WMD investigation team, who then tell the world the WMD aren’t actually WMDs.

There’s a term for this. It’s called “Conflict Of Interest.”

If you think there’s something wrong with all of this, you’re dead right. But if you think nothing can be done about any of this, you’re wrong.

In the past few weeks, we’ve proven that huge amounts of public pressure – whether against rogue corporations or shady government departments – does have an effect. We might not always get what we want in the end, but we get closer to it every time more people join us in the fight.

I think this is very irresponsible on part of the Government.  They have no right to spoil which is not theirs.  I think many more people should join this protest.  Please check out the GreenPeace website for more details.  Such atrocities on the nature should be stopped.


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